Global Presence & Operation

Serving overseas demand with our quality products:

In parallel to continued success in the host country (Bangladesh) we started serving overseas partners with our quality products in 2003. With our relentless commitment to quality and service Navana has now become one of the leading medicine suppliers from Bangladesh. We have dedicated team with extensive experience, exposure and expertise in the management of global regulatory requirements, international sales operation and foreign trade operation in order to gain overseas customer satisfaction by ensuring global compliances.  We already have presence in the following countries and aggressive developments are in progress for forming new partnerships.

Serving domestic demand with quality products from Global leaders:

We are the sole marketing partner of Polymix B.V. (Holland), Zoeties (India); Montajat Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Saudi Arabia), Meriden Animal Health (UK) Laprovet (France) and Novus International Inc, USA for marketing and distribution of animal health care products in Bangladesh. We are very much interested in forming partnership with global leaders that have the capacity to offer hi-tech human and animal health care products to meet the domestic demand.


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