Human Resources

We believe that success in the business is a natural consequence of developing the human resources. Accordingly we strongly focus on identification of right knowledge and skill for each and every position in our company, setting appropriate job specification, recruitment of only qualified personnel, orientation of the new employee rigorously and continual development of skill of our people through extensive training. We always maintain on ethics in every steps of our business.

Our management team is comprised of competent and skilled manpower from diversified professions including Pharmacist, Medical Graduate, Chemist, Biochemist, Microbiologist, Engineering Sciences, Chartered Accountant, MBAs, Business Graduates and so on. At present, we have 138 personnel in the management position. On the other hand, we have 1691 personnel in the non-management position.

We have a strong HR and Training Department that organizes Fresher’s Training Courses, Refresher’s Training Courses, Management Skill Development Courses, Different types of Technical Skill Development Courses. They also arrange outside training for our management team. Apart from the off-the-job training, supervisors in each and every level are strongly encouraged to impart regular on-the-job training.

Our management system is built upon the principles of Quality Management System and our performance appraisal system is based on Management By Objective. Every effort is made to ensure quantitative assessment for each & every level.

We continually try to develop awareness regarding customer satisfaction in all levels of our management.